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Multi-Media Creation

Digital transformation is having a huge impact on our artistic actions, habits and ideas, which most of us probably experienced in some way throughout the last 1,5 years. Time and space, in this regard, seem to have become matters that can be „overcome“, as we got used to anytime-anywhere-communication more and more. And here everything comes down to 0s and 1s, to millions of bits, because computers transform our ideas through time and space. Bits of information are coded and decoded, are being paired, transmitted, reassembled by machines and digital programs to anywhere and at any time.


Why don’t we interfere in this process of 0s and 1s for a while and make it our artistic playground? Let’s proclaim that each bit is not only 0 or 1, but rather sound, movement, or spacial perception… Let’s have a trialogue between these elements and fuse them to a new form of bit: one of music, dance, and film! 


As we discuss with musicians, dancers, performers, filmmakers, composers we can remap possible interactions and combinations, smaller and larger forms, meanings and paths.

In this multi-media seminar you are invited to work together on a set of given audio-samples, combine them with movement- and film-aspects and create your own combinations, sequences and orders, systems.

Vagas esgotadas

Professores: Krystoffer Dreps, Zé Padovani, Raquel Cavalcanti, Elise Pittenger e Fernando Rocha

Dias: 04 a 08 de outubro 2021

Horário: 9h as 12h (Brasilia Time zone)

Plataforma: Zoom 

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