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In 2019 the Music Schools of UFMG and the University of Münster launched their collaboration with the event HORIZONS: a week of classes, concerts and lectures in Belo Horizonte, MG. The project is dedicated to works of European classical music as well as music of the present day, addressing elements of musical crossover, creative engagement with works of academic new music, and the interpretation of all forms of improvised music


Although this year the COVID pandemic restricts us to online activities, the virtual format has opened up interesting possibilities for experimenting with digital media and live streaming, as well as more traditional classes and masterclasses connecting Brazilian students with German professors. This year our activities will include a seminar in multi-media creation as well as a course in Ableton Live programming. Brazilians students will even have the chance to sneak a peek at activities in Münster, via the live-streaming of two concerts presented by students, faculty and graduates of the University of Münster.


The purpose of this collaboration is to provide a platform for the exchange of information, musical styles and experiences, and to strengthen links between the two institutions in order to promote further exchange. We hope to lay the foundation for longer term collaborations, with the support of the two universities and the German funding institution, DAAD. We are looking forward to celebrating the growing connection between our institutions and invite you to take part in the events!



Elise Pittenger and Stephan Froyleks, HORIZONS coordinators

Escola de Música da UFMG:


Renanto Tocantins Sampaio, director  

Carlos Aleixo dos Reis, vice director 

Flávio Barbeitas, Head of the Department of Graduate Studies

Marcelo Penido, Head of the Performance Department (Voice and Instrumental)

Lincoln Andrade, Acting Head of the Theory Department

Elise Pittenger, Coordinator of HORIZONS project

Fernando Rocha, Director of the Conservatório UFMG and Co-Coordinator of HORIZONS project

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