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The project

In October 2019 professors from the Department of Music of the University of Münster will visit the School of Music at UFMG to collaborate in a week of seminars, masterclasses, rehearsals and concerts involving UFMG faculty and students. The project, entitled HORIZONS, is dedicated to works of European classical music as well as music of the present day. The focus is on elements of musical crossover, creative engagement with works of academic new music, the interpretation of all forms of improvised music; as well as performances, sound installations and progressive varieties of pop music.


Over the course of one week the HORIZONS faculty will offer instrumental masterclasses, a contemporary music ensemble (mini-course) organized around the rehearsal and performances of a concert program, band coaching and a recording project, and shared faculty concerts. There will also be opportunities for faculty to share and to present their work, both in formal seminar settings and in informal meetings and jam sessions.


The purpose of this collaboration is to provide a platform for the exchange of information, musical styles and experiences, and to strengthen links between the two institutions in order to promote further exchange. We hope to lay the foundation for longer term collaborations, with the support of the two universities and the German funding institution, DAAD

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Percussion, Composition
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Piano, composition and arranging
Electric Bass 
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Electric Guitar
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Escola de Música da UFMG:

Renanto Tocantins Sampaio, director 

Carlos Aleixo dos Reis, vice director

Luciana Monteiro, Head of the Department of Graduate Studies

Clara Sandroni, Head of the Performance Department (Voice and Instrumental)

Lincoln Andrade Acting Head of the Theory Department

Elise Pittenger, Coordinator of HORIZONS project

Fernando Rocha, Director of the Conservatório UFMG and Co-Coordinator of HORIZONS project


Schedule of Activities and Registration 

*Individual instrumental lessons can be arranged directly with the professors.
**All activities are free of charge.
October 3  
9:30h às 12:30h - Cello Masterclass with Matias de Oliveira Pinto
9:30h às 12:30h - Percussion Masterclass with Stephan Froleyks
13h às 16:20h -  Drumset / Band Workshop with Alex Grube e Lars Cölln
13:50h às 15:30h - Stephan Froleyks presentation at the Creative Processes Seminar (PAC)
19.30h -  Opening Concert: Cello and Piano (Conservatório UFMG)
October 4 
19:30h - Concert at Conservatório: UFMG / Münster faculty
October 5 
18h - Big Band Concert (BH)
20h - Opening concert in Ouro Branco
October 7
16h às 19h - Bass Masterclass with Alex Grube
19h às 22:30h-  Band Coaching/Production workshop: Alex Grube, Lars Colls, and Prof Fernando Braga
20h - Concert Grupo Sonante 21 (Ouro Branco)
October 8 
15:30h às 17h - Workshop de guitarra/violão popular com Lars Cölln
17h às 19h - Bass materclass with with Alex Grube
19h às 22:30h- Recording Workshop: Alex Grube, Lars Collin, and Fernando Braga
19:30h - Concert at Conservatório: Sonante 21
October 11
14h às 17h - Piano Masterclasses with Peter von Wienhardt
14h às 17h - Violin Masterclasses with Koh Grabriel Kameda
14h às 17h - Cello Masterclass with Matias de Oliveira Pinto
19:30h -  Concert at Conservatório: Matias / Koh / Peter trio


Avenida Antônio Carlos, 6627,  Campus Pampulha. CEP 31270-901 – Belo Horizonte –MG.
Avenida Afonso Pena, 1534 - Centro, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30130-002
 Rua Santo Antônio, 115 - Centro, Ouro Branco - MG, 36420-000
Münster, Alemanha
Rua dos Timbiras, 1660 - Lourdes, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30140-061.
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